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Silver Cats: Announcement

Once upon a time, the land of Raine was renowned for its jewellery craftsmanship, and its landscapes could impress any visitor. But one day, in the afterlife, a fierce fight broke out between demons for the right to the throne. A rift in the afterlife opened up right in the middle of Raine, causing the entire place to fall into ruin. The rift scourge was so powerful that the surviving inhabitants of the area were forever unable to use normal magic – from then on, they could only wield the magic of demons. Now the Silver Cats guild is trying to restore the world to its former state, and the guild master's son has been chosen as one of those who can restore peace.

In the game there is no binding to the character class – the style of play depends on the chosen equipment. You can fight with a one-handed sword, a two-handed sword, or choose a magical artifact if you prefer magic. Armor is divided into three types: plate, cloth, and leather. Plate protects best from physical damage, cloth – from magic damage. The skin has medium protection, but it increases some damage depending on the set of armor: either physical or magical.

The gameplay of the game changes depending on the chosen difficulty. There are 6 difficulty levels in total:

On low difficulty, it is enough to buy armor from merchants, and battles with monsters will not distract from the passage of the story. On high difficulty, you need to get rare materials in order to craft elite equipment.

It is also necessary to use inlay, sharpening and engraving to increase the characteristics of the equipment.

Crafting potions and food is also essential. Resources for them are growing all over the world.

By completing various tasks, you can get experience and money, and the rarest things can be obtained from bosses in the dungeons.



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