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Silver Cats: character development, equipment, skills

The character has 4 base stats that can be upgraded at choice: Physical Strength, Magical Strength, Stamina and Intelligence.

You can increase the characteristics with the help of special energies, which are issued for completing the plot or complex tasks.

Also, when the character level increases, 1 point is added to all characteristics. In this version (v1.0), the maximum level is 60. There are a limited number of stat boost items, but there are other ways to get them besides quests. There is no limit to the characteristics in the game, and if desired, they can be increased infinitely.

No less valuable items are emerald and diamond coins. Such coins can also be obtained for completing the story or difficult tasks.

On low difficulty, it is enough to buy equipment for regular money, and on high difficulty, you need to buy blueprints for emerald and diamond coins.

With the help of sharpening, inlaying and engraving, you can improve the characteristics of equipment:

Special stones are required to sharpen equipment. Depending on the selected stones, the chance to increase the sharpening level is different. Equipment can be sharpened at the blacksmith.

At a jeweler, you can apply engraving and fuse stones. Inlay stones add stats like damage and protection.

Engraved plaques increase a character's base stats, such as Stamina.

All character skills are passive. Skills can be learned by reading a special book or completing tasks to obtain skills.

Skill books can be purchased for emerald and diamond coins from NPCs around the world.



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