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Silver Cats: Update v1.2

New Skills

It is said that the Guild Forest was visited by the Wandering Adventurer, who came from distant lands in search of legendary relics. In exchange for them, he is ready to give special books with skills that increase the chance of getting rare loot from monsters. Finding the relics has proven difficult, however, and the adventurer cannot do without your help. Talk to him for clues about relics and go on an adventure!

Mushroom Cave

Tristan from a Mining Town has an unknown disease. His sister Isabelle decided to go to the Mushroom Cave alone to find a healing mushroom, which is rumored to be able to cure any disease, however, it looks like she is in trouble. Save Isabelle in the Mushroom Cave, the entrance to which can be found in the Miners Valley.

Trees Cave

The elder of the werewolf camp is confident that many years after the battle with the White Demon, the Guild Forest has begun to recover. The only way to check this is to explore the Trees Cave, which once was the temple of the Goddess of Fertility. Perhaps the Life Tree, which the Goddess of Fertility left behind, began to gradually recover, and the grove of sacred trees will be able to regain its former strength.

Sky City

There are many legends about the majestic city soaring in the sky. It is said that an ancient civilization used to live there, but after millennia the city turned into ruins. The Sky City Researcher is sure that somewhere there is an ancient artifact with a mysterious power. Perhaps the artifact will appear if you destroy the most powerful golem that protects the city.

General Update List

New locations:

Mushroom Cave (from level 10)

Trees Cave (from level 20)

Sky City (from level 50)

New items:

Skill book "Rarity Hunter"

Skill book "Treasure Hunter"

Skill book "Relic Hunter"

Relic from the Temple of Moths

Glass Mushroom

Sacred Tree Sprout

Alchemist Skull

Teleport Scroll: Mushroom Cave

Magic Sapphire

Magic Ruby

Magic Amethyst

Magic Amber

Teleport Scroll: Tree Cave

Dead King's Crown

Swamp Topaz

Sky City Amphora

White Demon Armor Fragment

Demon Warlord's Shield

Unique Relics Notes

Epic Relics Notes

Legendary Relics Notes

Sky City Charter

Teleport Scroll: Sky City

Ancient Relic

Sky Master Tablet

Sky Box

New quests:

Relic from the Temple of Moths (hidden plot)

Healing Mushroom (hidden plot)

Revived Mushrooms (daily)

Magic Mushrooms (daily)

Royal Mushroom (daily)

Restoration of the Sacred Grove (hidden plot)

Evil Trees (daily)

Cursed Trees (daily)

Life Tree (daily)

White Demon Armor Fragment (hidden plotт)

Relic Notes (hidden plot)

Sky City Amphora (hidden plot)

Sky Guards (daily)

Sky Spirits (daily)

Sky City Golem (daily)

New skills:

Rarity Hunter (+1% to drop chance)

Treasure Hunter (+3% to drop chance)

Relic Hunter (+6% to drop chance)

New NPC:

Wandering Adventurer



Sky City Researcher

New monsters:

Revived Mushroom

Magic Mushroom

Royal Mushroom

Evil Tree

Cursed Tree

Life Tree

Sky Guardian

Sky Spirit

Sky City Golem

Other change:

  • reduced the number of monsters to kill on daily quests

  • increased the number of emerald and diamond coins as a reward for daily boss missions



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