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Working on updating graphics in Silver Cats v1.3: Part 1

Some time after the release of Silver Cats, I started working on a new project and had already purchased new graphics for it, but still decided that it was better to clean up the old project first, and then take on the new one. So in early 2022, I ported Silver Cats to a new version of the engine and started working on updating the graphics using purchased content.

I decided to divide the work on the update into six stages, which will be carried out in stages:

  1. Environment (updating vegetation, buildings, etc.)

  2. Characters (updating the main character, NPCs, monsters, bosses)

  3. Animations (updating animations of the main character and NPCs)

  4. Combat (change combat to non-target system)

  5. Interface (updating interface graphics, possibly with adaptation for a gamepad)

  6. Partial voice acting (Ukrainian voice acting of the main character and story NPCs)

Now I'm working on the first stage and updating the initial location. I also plan to diversify the old quests and add some new content.



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